Due to the global shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), healthcare professionals on the front lines treating Covid-19 are forced to reuse and conserve masks which greatly increases their risk of infection. We are raising awareness of this shortage, streamlining the donation process, and distributing masks fairly to those in need. Join us in supporting these real heroes!


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Our Impact

Our team is moving quickly to raise awareness, partner with key suppliers, secure masks, and distribute them fairly through our national network. Check back frequently to see our impact grow.


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Distribution Centers


PPE Suppliers


We are not looking to compete in this space. Rather, our goal is to optimize social benefit as the world combats Covid-19. On this site, we highlight all other organizations addressing the PPE shortage. By combining our efforts, we can tackle this holistically in a collaborative environment.


Help us spread awareness by spreading #RealHeroesNeedMasks on social media! We encourage celebrities, athletes, and key influencers to get involved to show appreciation to our real heroes and get them the equipment they need.

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Who are we?

We gathered through Indiana University's Covid-19 Idea Sprint where over 200 entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, MDs, VCs, professors, students from around the world came together to tackle Covid-19 and all its implications. Our team is growing quickly as we continue building momentum toward increasing the supply of PPE. 

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